Success in Talent Shows

Rune Carlsen's 2 attempts! What is the secret?

Success in Talent Shows

The Reality About the Reality Shows, & Succeed in Competitions!

An exclusive ONE-ON-ONE live lecture and talk!

Rune is also a 5x Norwegian Champion, 2x Nordic Champion, Winner of Masters of Magic, Winner of European CloseUp Symposium, 2nd Prize Winner International Brotherhood of Magicians, Award of Merit - London International Closeup Competition, 2nd Prize Winner - Magico Internazionale, 4F member and perform at the legendary Magic Castle in Las Vegas. And, - a professional speaker and performer!

What is the reality behind such a success?

Rune will give you insights you have never heared about. Covering all of his experiences, and hidden secrets and realities behind a reality and talent show.

Do you need help and guidance?

This session will motivate, encourage and inspire you to keep on working and aim for the skies and reach your goals!

These are exclusive tips, experience and knowledge that will help you succeed in your plans and goals!

  • When and how do you make sure the production and judges will love you
  • The importance of building a team around you
  • How to challenge yourself
  • How to know that you suck or rock
  • How do establish a professional aura around you and your character
  • How to handle interviews, press and let’s not forget those nerves
  • The challenges of being a magician at a talent show

This and so much more, in this exclusive ONE - ON - ONE lecture and live talk!

Multiple Dates.
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Rune Carlsen's 2 attempts! What is the secret?

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